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Does your operation or production process require cooling and heating at the same time? In that case, we have ideal solutions for you. Our hybrid devices combine a cooler and a heat pump. No need to install two different devices. The exceptional design of our solutions with their unique regulation will provide you with the necessary cold and enough heat at the same time. Ideal for ice rinks, hotel resorts, swimming pools, sports grounds and industrial production.

Twineco® hybrid units

  • both cooling and heat production using natural refrigerants R717 and R723

  • cooling capacity 2.0 kW - 439 kW, condensing capacity 2.7 kW - 521 kW

  • water - water, air - water

  • possibility to use condensation heat

  • no CO2 emissions

  • cooling and heat production simultaneously with one device using natural refrigerants R717 and R723

  • operations of ice rinks, retail warehouses, swimming pools

  • also available in a mobile version as a container unit

  • the same principle of division according to the use of refrigerant R723 or R717, as with coolers - chillers.

technical data for download

Twineco® R723 hybrid units


Twineco® R717 hybrid units

Hybrid units Twineco® R717 container

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