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Ecological solutions with
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Twineco ® devices are based on technology using high-quality compressors that use an extremely low volume of 100% natural refrigerants R717 and R723 for their primary circuit.

About us

Slovak manufacturer of cooling and heating technology from the heart of Europe - for more than 30 years. We have been producing products under the registered trademark Twineco® since 2015. The production premises, as well as our production specialists, are from our region. Our specialty is energy-efficient devices that use all the advantages of natural refrigerants. With both our products and our production, we want to contribute to long-term sustainability and the reduction of negative impacts on the environment.

We produce regionally, we deliver worldwide.

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Twineco® products

We are a manufacturer of innovative cooling and heating technology using high-quality Goeldner compressors.

The products can be divided into four basic groups: coolers - chillers, heat pumps, hybrid units and screw units.


Using Twineco®

Twineco® technology has a wide range of applications from food production or other industries, through large-capacity warehouses, multifunctional or hotel complexes to ice fields and ice rinks.


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Contact us

Exclusive distributor:

ABC Food Machinery spol. s r.o.
Nerudova 51
821 04 Bratislava 2
Slovak republic

Phone: +421 903 750 355

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