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The Goeldner compressors we use are innovative and precise, with an emphasis on detail. The advantage is mainly their complexity and know-how of more than 60 years of experience in their production and development.


Goeldner compressors

  • all compressors are designed for maximum operability,

  • all compressors have a sufficient volume of oil for the highest operational safety,

  • all 4-cylinder compressors are equipped with an oil pump and an oil differential sensor as standard,

  • all compressors are freely available for inverter-controlled operation in the range from 20 to 60 (70) Hz,

  • long service life is ensured by an eccentric shaft with ball bearings,

  • compressors have extremely smooth operation thanks to a special balancing system,

  • 4-cylinder compressor models are ready for 50% capacity control regulation,

  • compressors can be approved for flammable or special refrigerants,

  • a complete range of different open type compressors from 6 m3/h to 95 m3/h displacement for direct connection with 1450 rpm as well as for R717 and R723,

  • specialties include the smallest plug-in ammonia compressor on the market (6 m3/h).

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