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  • cooling and freezing using natural refrigerants R717 and R723

  • cooling capacity power 2.0 kW – 439 kW

  • possibility to use condensation heat

  • no CO2 emissions

  • plug & play technology for cooling liquids with a wide range of applications for cooling and freezing

  • various uses for food production, industrial production processes, retail warehouses, business premises, etc.

  • also available in a mobile version as a container unit

TE 100P 723  velký.png

Twineco® R723 coolers

Compact chiller using one compressor and the entire technology on one frame. This design enables the use of an extremely low refrigerant charge, provides easy use of condensation heat and also easy maintenance. Refrigerant R723 can be used in cooling circuits even at low outputs of up to 5 kW. Operation enables high efficiency with low energy consumption.

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Twineco® R717 coolers

  • Cooling unit composed of 2 to 5 compressors on a common frame. The power of the device is divided into several cooling circuits and enables a simple and highly effective control of the performance of the entire system according to the current power needs by turning them on or off gradually.

  • The total performance of the cooling unit is determined by the number and performance of the compressors used.

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TE 400P R717  velký.png
TE 500 R717 Kontajnerizácia  velký.png

Twineco® R717 container coolers

  • The cooling unit, including the entire technology, is placed in a containers, which enables its mobility and, over time, if necessary, simple relocation between different locations where the operator needs it for use.

  • The rigid waterproof modular container allows the unit to be used by simply placing it in space on a solid flat surface without the need for further major structural modifications or the construction of a machine room.

technical data for download

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