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Tovární potrubí

Twineco® technology

Functionality you'll love

Cost reduction

Twineco® reduces costs on many levels:

  • substantial reduction in electricity consumption

  • the use of waste heat in the process of your production or improvement of the working environment

  • extending the life of the equipment (all compressors do not work all the time at once, they are continuously switched on and off as needed, they wear out less over time)

  • simpler and more economical service with minimal impact on the smoothness of operation (there is no need to interrupt production and shut down the entire device, if service or repair is required, only the relevant compressor is shut down, but the device continues to work)

  • unattended operation with remote access

  • smart management according to the outside temperature and daily modes

  • smart prediction of service and breakdowns

  • Twineco® smart regulation specially developed for the needs of winter stadiums

  • silent and simple operation

  • no back-up unit necessary

Energy saving

A larger number of cooling circuits with an appropriately selected number of compressors and their power allows adjusting the cooling capacity of the device close to stepless to the current need by turning them on and off. Although the total capacity of a device with several compressors is hundreds of kW, if necessary, the capacity is minimized even to only one switched-on compressor. No additional energy consumption beyond the necessary.

Ecological natural refrigerants

For its primary circuit, Twineco® uses 100% ecological natural refrigerants R717 and R723, which do not produce CO2 emissions, have no effect on ODP (a natural climate phenomenon called the Pacific Ten-Year Oscillation - effect on the ozone layer) and with a negligible effect on GWP (global warming potential warming - greenhouse effect). Their high volume cooling allows the use of a minimum volume of filling, which has a fundamental impact on several indicators, such as significantly better efficiency of operating costs, reduction of the energy demand of the system, a significant increase in the safety of equipment against possible damage to the environment or the health of people, ...

Use of waste heat

Twineco® makes it possible to use all the heat that is generated during the production of cold, as in the past it only taken was as waste. Our systems allow it to be used, for example, to prepare DHW, space heating, ... and thus the efficiency of the cooling unit is multiplied.

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